Calling all university professors to participate in a survey on work engagement and burnout during COVID-19

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Posted: 05-04-2022 23:08 | Views: 1845

 We are forwarding an invitation of UNESCO to the university professors worldwide

Are you a university professor? If so, this survey is for you.

Life for university professors can be tough, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

Engagement and burnout levels in work teams relate to their effectiveness and performance, as they impact the amount of effort that people put into their roles.

This is why UNESCO has partnered with leading researchers to conduct a worldwide study that explores the critical factors behind work exhaustion and the risk of burning out among university professors during pandemic times.

This study is a key initiative in the lead up to the World Higher Education Conference, to take place 18-20 May 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.

Open to all university professors around the world, this opinion survey is available in English, French and Spanish.

Results of the study will be presented in May at the World Higher Education Conference.

Your response will contribute to improving the lives of thousands of professors worldwide. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

Help UNESCO to identify and create actionable strategies to prevent burnout and protect the well-being of professors at work.


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