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February 18 - 24, 2022

Scholars at Risk monitors reports of threats to academic freedom and higher education communities worldwide, including media articles, blogs, opinion pieces and other announcements.  Unless otherwise indicated (such as in articles written by SAR), the language and views contained in the search results reflect those of the originating author and/or publication and do not necessarily represent the views of Scholars at Risk or its members, affiliates, board or staff. An archive of the Media Review is available on our website.

UKRAINE / INDIA: Students appeal to government for help to leave Ukraine
Shuriah Niazi, University World News, 2/24
Students from India studying in Ukraine have appealed to their government for help to leave the country as tensions over a possible Russian invasion mounted.
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UNITED STATES: The Justice Department is ending its controversial China Initiative
Ryan Lucas, NPR, 2/23
The Justice Department announced that it was ending the China Initiative, a national security program launched under the Trump administration to counter China's theft of American intellectual property. The initative has been criticisized by civil rights groups that say it created a climate of fear among Asian Americans.
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TURKEY: Fresh concerns over ‘violations’ of academic freedom in Turkey
Emily Twinch, Research Professional News, 2/23
Academic freedom campaigners, including Scholars at Risk the Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values and Rights, have expressed deep concern about ongoing developments in Turkey, including political interference and “arbitrary dismissals” of senior staff from Boğaziçi University.
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INDIA: No bail; ‘prima facie evidence Hany Babu part of Maoist outfit’: court
Indian Express, 2/22
An Indian court has rejected bail to Delhi University associate professor Hany Babu. Babu was part of a committee advocating for the release of G.N. Saibaba, an Indian scholar convicted of and in prison for Maoist links. Babu was arrested in 2020 and charged with criminal conspiracy and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.
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VENEZUELA: Why do they warn that universities in Venezuela are at risk? [SPANISH]
Caroline Mayor, Voice of America, 2/21
University representatives in Venezuela are attempting to bring international attention to violations of academic freedom, university autonomy, and fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression, in the country.
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EGYPT: CEU Senate calls for immediate and unconditional release of Ahmed Samir Santawy
Central European University, 2/21
Central European University’s senate called for the immediate and unconditional release of CEU Master's student Ahmed Samir Santawy on the occasion of his retrial. Santawy remains imprisoned in Egypt, where has been charged with crimes in apparent connection with his studies and alleged nonviolent expressive activity.
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UNITED STATES: College faculty are fighting back against state bills on critical race theory
Nick Anderson and Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post, 2/19
Faculty leaders at prominent public universities across the United States have come together in recent weeks to pass resolutions reaffirming their institutions’ commitment to academic freedom and to denounce legislation seeking to limit what can be taught about race and other subjects.
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HONG KONG: Hong Kong visa denial for professor ‘could signal tightening restrictions’
Pola Lem, Times Higher Education, 2/19
Hong Kong recently rejected a visa for Ryan Thoreson, a US-based human rights researcher who teaches law part-time at Hong Kong University. SAR’s advocacy director, Clare Robinson, told Times Higher Education, “The sector should see this visa denial as a warning that academic freedom in Hong Kong is increasingly vulnerable.”
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UNITED STATES: Texas Lt. Governor Slams ‘Looney Marxist’ Professors, CRT
Colleen Flaherty, Inside Higher Ed, 2/18
Texas Republican lieutenant governor Dan Patrick tweeted that he would ban the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public higher education after the University of Texas at Austin’s Faculty Council passed a resolution affirming professors’ right to teach CRT and gender justice.
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BELARUS: A year and a half of repressions in Belarusian universities: who suffered and for what? [RUSSIAN]
Marta Sakavik, Deutsche Welle, 2/18
The Belarusian Students’ Association released a report on the impact on Belarusian universities following the crackdown on 2020 protests against the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko. Since 2020, nearly 500 students have been detained, 260 were expelled from higher education institutions, and 150 faculty lost their jobs.
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NEW ZEALAND: Victoria University campus to be closed for month and a half due to 'protest activity'
NZ Herald, 2/18
Protests occupying the Victoria University of Wellington's Pipitea Campus have led to the temporary closure of campus until April 11. Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford expressed disappointment that the protests had disrupted teaching and research and acknowledged the negative impact the closure will have on university staff and students.
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AFGHANISTAN: Desperate students seek online higher education as doors shut
Shadi Khan Saif, University World News, 2/18
Afghan students seeking international learning opportunities are turning to online education with underground preparation sessions.
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INDIA: Plagiarism Row: HC Bars 3 Historians From Publishing 'Defamatory' Material on Vikram Sampath
The Wire, 2/18
Audrey Truschke, Ananya Chakravarti, and Rohit Chopra, all US-based historians of India, have been barred by a Delhi high court from making public the contents of a letter they wrote to Britain's Royal Historical Society alleging plagiarism against Indian author Vikram Sampath.
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BELARUS: Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Belarus to the Human Rights Council
Scholars at Risk, 2/17
Scholars at Risk made a submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Belarus expressing concern about the restricted state of academic freedom in Belarus, in particular the ongoing persecution of students and scholars in the country.
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