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February 12 - 18, 2021

Scholars at Risk monitors reports of threats to academic freedom and higher education communities worldwide, including media articles, blogs, opinion pieces and other announcements. Unless otherwise indicated (such as in articles written by SAR), the language and views contained in the search results reflect those of the originating author and/or publication and do not necessarily represent the views of Scholars at Risk or its members, affiliates, board or staff. An archive of the Media Review is available on our website.

MYANMAR: Myanmar campuses in ‘distress’ since coup
Joyce Lau, Times Higher Education, 2/17
Myanmar's higher education community has come under threat following the recent military coup. The threats to academic freedom include the arrests of students and scholars, the frequent use of violent force against peaceful protesters, and widespread internet shutdowns.
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EUROPEAN UNION / CHINA: EU says it can exclude China from EU research projects
Yojana Sharma, University World News, 2/17
The European Commission says it can exclude Chinese participation in Horizon Europe and other sensitive research projects using new powers to exclude third countries that do not share ‘EU values’.
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GLOBAL: Zoombombing Often an ‘Inside Job’
Lindsay Mckenzie, Inside Higher Ed, 2/17
A study conducted by researchers at Binghamton University and Boston University found that most “Zoombombing” attacks begin with a legitimate attendee of a videoconference, suggesting these attacks are inside jobs rather than random targeting.
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UNITED KINGDOM / CHINA: Reset of UK-China research relations ‘will harm global science’
Jack Grove, Times Higher Education, 2/17
The UK government is expected to introduce new security vetting measures involving students, researchers, and academics engaged in national security research. Chinese researchers could be blocked from entering the UK to prevent intellectual property theft.
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GREECE: Greek scholars hope new law ends student anarchy on campuses
Ellie Bothwell, Times Higher Education, 2/16
A controversial education bill establishing university campus police forces passed on February 11, despite weeks of widespread student protests held against the bill. Scholars hope that the new law will improve working conditions after “decades of anarchic student behavior.”
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UNITED KINGDOM: UK plan for campus free speech champion draws praise, alarm
Jill Lawless, AP via The Washington Post, 2/16
UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that the British government would appoint a “free speech champion” for universities, so it may combat attempts to “deplatform” speakers or dismiss academics for their unpopular views.
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FIJI: Foreign scholars ‘will avoid Pacific universities’ after Fiji row
John Ross, Times Higher Education, 2/15
Jonathan Pryke, director of the Lowy Institute’s Pacific Islands Programme, says that Pacific Island universities will have trouble attracting international leadership following the deportation of the University of the South Pacific’s vice-chancellor Pal Ahluwalia.
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UNITED KINGDOM: English minister’s academic freedom broadside ‘confects conflict’
John Morgan, Times Higher Education, 2/15
UK Education Secretary Gavin Williamson’s recent letter to the Office for Students is concerning to universities, as it voices support for judging universities by a baseline number of students hired into “managerial and professional” positions. If universities do not meet this threshold, Williamson suggested the OfS imply monetary penalties and revoke degree awarding powers.
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THE PHILIPPINES: Duterte’s Forces Have a New Target: University Students
Jason Gutierrez, The New York Times, 2/14
Students and professors have gathered in protest against the latest move to suppress criticisms of President Rodrigo Duterte -- the abrogation of a 32-year treaty preventing government forces from entering university campuses.
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MYANMAR: Students take a leading role in protests against the coup
Naw Say Phaw Waa, University World News, 2/12
Younger generations of students are leading the protests against the recent military coup in Myanmar. Young activists have used internet memes and eye-catching costumes during protests to garner international attention and support.
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